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It can be used as a portable scale, or a mini kitchen scale.

You can measures food, amount of nutritional supply, drugs with a resolution of 1/10th of a gram (or 0.01oz).

Large backlighted LCD helps you to take clear readings.

Every i1000/i2000 scale has a stainless steel weighing platform and 2 mini containers of different sizes.

It supports a selection of commonly use weighing units.

It"s even capable for professional measurements.

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This is the thinnest scale ever made.

4 micro load cells delivers 22lb capacity and 0.1oz resolution.

Nutrition and food hygiene issue is one the most important thing.

Stainless steel platform not only make the scale pretty good looking and it is very easy to keep clean.

Food can be weighed directly on the clean, stainless steel platform or used with any bowl, plate or container.

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SAGA DACI-k3 is a compact kitchen scale.

Simplicity is the key of the design.

It can be accommodated to any kitchen easily.

It is accurate and easy to use; support both metric and imperial weighing units.

It"ll precisely measure food and ingredients or small packages.

That"ll be all the basic functions you need from a scale.

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It was designed based on ten thousands of scale users" feedbacks and 5 years of practical experiences.

Every detail on this product has been deliberately engineered.

Refined calculations has been performed to optimize the size/shape of the weighing platform, the power supply and other useful features such as smart auto hold switch.

There is a strong core under the housing of this great work - A full size premium quality alloy heavy duty load cell was equipped.

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